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Pretty Good

Posted by [email protected] on July 1, 2013 at 4:45 PM

Pretty Good

by Charles Osgood 1986; Modified by L. Thompson 2012


There once was a pretty good dancer

Who attended a pretty good class,

And was taught by a pretty good teacher

Who always let pretty good pass.

She wasn’t terrific at shimmies

Her moves were too fast during slow.

But for her, belly dancing was leading

Down a pretty good, colorful road.

She didn’t find drilling exciting,

She at least thought about dance every day.

And she did have some trouble with leading

‘Cause her head kept getting in the way.

When doing the pivot bump/choo choo,

Her form was usually okay.

Her elbows weren’t always lifted,

And sometimes she turned the wrong way.

So often out of position,

She found that improv could be tough,

And she soon had a sneaking suspicion

Pretty good might not be good enough.

The pretty good troupe that she danced with

Performed at parks and on stage.

Their costumes were ethnic and tribal

ATS was the latest dance craze.

They danced at some pretty good venues

And always performed pretty well.

That they might not have practiced enough

Was easy for only a few to tell.

Whenever they danced, their hearts were singing

But In Egyptian basic arms were still flinging.

They knew that every move needs to be made with purpose

Otherwise they would be doing ATS a disservice.

The pretty good group in our poem

Was part of a pretty good team

Which had pretty good aspirations

And maintained pretty good esteem.

They got beyond trust issues

Reduced most of their fear

And after watching video footage

Set goals for the upcoming year.

With more careful cueing

Cohesion was resolved

And slowly but surely

Their sisterhood evolved.

From puja to propeller

Then adding spins

Their intro became stellar

Accompanied by confident grins.

This pretty good dance troupe

Found that after much perspiring,

Dancers have to work really hard

To present something truly inspiring.


copyright 2012, Leslie Thompson


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1 Comment

Reply Mary Donnelly
5:52 PM on July 1, 2013 
Pretty good. I want to get pretty gooder at dance... from Puja to Propeller! See ya tonight at the studio!