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Posted by [email protected] on October 17, 2016 at 8:10 PM

Three Saturdays ago before I started another COMMOTION! class, in walked Maria. She did three things that made my heart sing: she showed up; she connected to herself in a new way; she asked for more. 

Showing up is huge.  So many people have interest, "like" an idea and say it sounds fun.  They see the photos--maybe of people they know, maybe people they WANT to know.  Walking in is an incredible thing--there is so much life that can get in the way. Sometimes just a little bit more effort-- to take risks, clear the schedules, make time, find the location, find the funds.  Women are getting better at trusting their instincts and taking breaks that are meant to restore, reboot, replenish, re-energize.  Thank you, Maria, for the courage to say yes to something new, something a little far from home, far from routine, and closer to you!

What does "connecting to yourself" mean, anyway?  I think it is about health, awareness, and intuition.  When I feel "off" I try to name the emotion and narrow it down to what is really being sensed.  Then I ask what might be the source.  I chase that rabbit down the hole to see where it lives, what it smells like, figure out if I want that sensation to happen again.  Sometimes when I walk in the woods, see big clouds, smell the ocean, I get closer to center.  When I read a line from a book or see a photo of a faraway place, I swoon and feel my heart getting bigger--those are connections to place, to nature, to ideas.  When I connect to myself, I almost shout, "There she is!  There is the Leslie I know and love!" When you find a tribe, it's "Here we are!  These are my peeps!"  Don't be surprised if there are tears . . .

Please, can we do that again?  I learned of the moving meditation called a puja a long time ago.  It's a way to acknowledge self and setting, to prepare for what's ahead from a calm, respectful place.  It is what teachers may remember as the "anticipatory set" prior to a lesson, and it is one of the rituals we do for every class, sometimes at the beginning and the end.  With the drumsticks in our case, we are able to lengthen our extensions, gesturing to our friends and family, acknowledging the earth and other sacred places, honoring our femininity, crossing our hearts and allowing and accepting all things present.  Maria wanted to repeat the puja, for obvious reasons.

So Maria, this post is for you, and for all the women who find answers to their questions by walking in, getting closer to center, and repeating the things you love.


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